NAO UV Pilot Monitors
Complete Combustion     Gas Assist     Pilot Status

NAO UV pilot monitors -- pilot flames are very clear and hard to see in day -- best to have monitor - IR, TC (retractable) or UV

NAO UV (Ultraviolet) Optical Control provides continuous surveillance, flame-out alarm and re-ignition of the flare pilot or pilots. The control will assure compliance with environmental regulations for pilot monitoring. The UV unit will interface with your plant controls or can be supplied with a control/ignition system by NAO.

The rugged UV sensor can be located up to 350 feet (110 meters) from the flare at grade for easy maintenance. The sensor has a simple optical telescope type line up sight for the flame. The UV sensor housing can be supplied in US, European and other electrical housings. The electrical requirements are 12VDC or 120 - 220 VAC.

Price (US) --- $ 3,500 and up

Relay Function for Pilot Monitoring/Alarm

Grade Mounted

Remote -- up to 350 Feet
(110 Meters)

Simple - Reliable - Low Maintenance

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