NAO Flare Controls & Skids
Gas Assist Complete Combustion      Purge      Staging      Steam for Smokeless
NAO Control Pipe Train Panels & Skids provide control of steam or high pressure gas for smokeless, assist gas for complete combustion, purge gas for safety and pilot gas/ ignition NAO Pipe Trains are designed for control of assist gas for low energy flares and steam for smokeless flaring. The control skids can also include other services, such as, control of flare pilot gas, purge gas to prevent air entry down the stack and even ignition for the flare or multiple flares. The pipe trains be panel mounted for smaller units or skid mounted for larger pipe sizes.

Complete Piping Panel & Trains

Control & Isolation Valves
Condensate KO Drums & Traps
By-pass Orifices
Flow & Pressure Sensors

Engineered and Tested

Typical Drawings

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