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Horizontal Direct Fired High Temperature (1800 degr F) Process Air Heater for Chemical Plant Application 


Typical Jobs with Drawings,
Process Details & Budget Price



Wide range of low, medium and high-intensity, direct-fired air heaters.

Process and Research Applications:  Some typical applications include
atmospheric control, catalytic cracking startup, driers, fluidized beds, refractory
drying and curing, kilns and stress relieving.

Smalll Induced Draft Air Heater -- 12" Diameter by 30" Long -- 1155 degr F for Pilot Plant Test Unit -- Natural Gas FiredLarge capacity high pressure direct fired air heater for cat cracker startup in oil refinery -- 225 MM Btu/Hr firing rate -- refinery gas: methane, ethane, propane, butane and hydrogen

Photos above show NAO design range:

Left -- Induced Draft    minus 2 "WC    700 SCFM   1155 degr F 
            (50mm WG negative pressure   1120 Nm3/Hr    620 degr C)
Right -- High Pressure   50 psig    550000 Lbs/Hr    1400 degr F
                         (3.5 KPag    250000 Kg/Hr    760 degr C)

NAO High-Intensity Direct-Fired Air Heaters Literature PROCESS AIR HEATERS for STARTUPS, WARMUP, DRYING, REHEAT


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NAO Air Heater

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NAO also provides burner upgrades, parts and service
   for our units and others.

Burner upgrade for clients existing air heater -- oil fired burner with retractable oil gun and retractable spark ignited gas pilot

NAO can upgrade your existing air heater for improved efficiency,
           latest controls and environmental regulations.

Contact Jackie Mishinski at NAO Ext. 213  for Technical Assistance
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  215-743-5300 or 800-523-3495 (All USA & Canada)
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