with Combustible Vapors or Gases   (Murphy's Law)

FAMOUS LAST WORDS ------>  We never have air, our system is purged.

Process Flare -- Sealed Pressurized System with NO Atmospheric Vents or Vacuum Relieves  Proper Startup & Shutdown Purge Procedures  ARRESTORS normally NOT USED


If the system is a sealed pressurized system without any
atmospheric vent valves or vacuum relieves, such as a
process or refinery flare, and the proper startup and
shutdown purge methods are followed ----> then an
arrestor is usually not used.




Digestor Tank Flare -- Sugar Refinery Philippines -- Atmospheric Tank with Vacuum Relief -- POSSIBLE GAS/AIR MIXTURE -- ARRESTOR NEEDED


However, if the system is connected to batch process
units that are opened to atmosphere for loading or
cleaning -- or -- to low pressure storage tanks with
vacuum relieves -----> air could be present.   Arrestor needed.

IMPORTANT to have the correct type of arrestor for
its service & location.



"Lucky"   EXAMPLE -- No Injuries or Fire
                       --- also an example of ------> Why correct arrestor selection & application is important.


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