NAO Liquid Seals -- "water seals"

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Water seal drum -- liquid type flame arrester -- very effective for large flows and dirty streams  IMPORTANT to have level controls and low level alarm for waterCombination Disentrainment and Dual Water Seal Drum -- Mounted in base of elevated flare to control both elevated flare (emergency 2nd stage) and enclosed zero flare (1st stage)

NAO liquid seals use our unique bubble plate to provide a uniform distribution of the gas
across nearly the entire cross section of the drum surface.  With the uniform distribution of
gas across nearly the entire drum, the velocity of the gas breaking the liquid surface is
reduced and liquid carryover is eliminated.

The uniform distribution of the bubble plate also insures smooth seal operation without
pulsations or surging.  The bubbles insure that the liquid is an effective barrier to stop
flame or flashback.  Consult NAO for details on hydrogen and other very fast burning gases.

NAO Liquid Seals come in many different configurations to meet your plant or process needs.

NAO does retrofits and upgrades to existing liquid seals and drums, along with testing for
special or very severe applications, i.e., Three Mile Island nuclear plant with hydrogen/oxygen.

Contact Cor Knook   Ext. 104 for Technical Assistance

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