ATOMIZERS -- "oil guns"

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NAO produces a wide range of atomizers, nozzles & sprayers for use in burners,
kilns, refinery / petrochemical and other processes
(such as cat crackers, quenching & scrubbing).

NAO atomizers & sprayers are designed for many applications.  The sprayers are built for
severe and heavy duty service.
  Some of the NAO sprayer have been used by the DOE
(US Department of Energy) in high pressure (2500 psig -- 172 Kg/cm2) coal gasifiers, while others
are designed for waste liquid disposal using low pressure
(2 psig -- 0.14 Kg/cm2) air blowers.

The atomizers use compressed air, gas (i.e., fuel gas, carbon dioxide), mechanical pressure or
steam to break the liquid streams into fine particles.  NAO also offers low pressure air
atomizers which will work with blower or eductor air. 

LAP -- Low Air Pressure Atomizer -- Short ConfigurationLow Pressure Air Atomizer -- click here for literature (Total -- 6 Pages)

NAO, with our nearly 93 years experience, can tailor a sprayer or spray pattern for your
specific needs.  We can provide nozzles with adapters to match your existing piping thus
saving installation time & money.

The sprayers and atomizers are make in many different materials to suit the stream --
from simple carbon steel, to stainless steel, monel and hastalloy.

NAO has in-house PMI (positive material identification) equipment which is part
of our ISO-9001 procedures.

Steam Atomizing Oil Guns with Detaching Gear -- Handle wide range of oils from diesel to Bunker C & tars -- also waste streamsOil / Liquid Waste Atomizer Guns
with Quick Detach Head and Manifolds

NAO oil atomizers are capable of
atomizing diesel, heavy oils, Bunker C and tars.


Contact Jackie Mishinski at NAO Ext. 213  for Technical Assistance
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