BURNER -- Inspection / Audit Field Pictures

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Enduser provided NAO with this picture -- very helpful / solved the problem:

NAO noticed that the problem was next to the pilot.  We requested the
enduser to send NAO more picture of the pilot pipe / nozzle inside the burner.

NAO received these two pictures that allowed us to look inside the burner and
spot the problem -- WRONG PILOT NOZZLE and resolve it.

The incorrect burner pilot nozzle -- the enduser had pulled the wrong part from inventory
-- YES -- it was a pilot nozzle but NOT correct NAO part -- nozzle was too long and
caused the main gas burner flames to be deflected downward -- resulting in overheating.

NAO also visited the customers plant as a sales / goodwill visit shortly afterwards to help
explain and clarify the burner and its operation with the plant engineers / operators /
maintenance people.