Direct Fired Air Heater    --    Job Reference  W41941

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NAO Duct Air Heater  ---  Flow    500 SCFM    1652 degr F

          24" Square Duct     Air Pressure -- 2" WC    Fuel -- Natural Gas (1 PSIG)

           Complete with:  Digital temperature control, Nema 12 control panel, NAO JET MIX™ burner,
                                       gas piping train with solenoid & manual shutoff valves, UV flame scanner & 
                                       safeguard control, low fire start with temperature modulation/control,
                                       thermocouple, fuel gas pressure gage & high temperature glass sightport

NAO Duct Burner 2 Ft Square DUCT 1 MM Btu/Hr Firing Rate Complete with Control Panel (NEMA 4) and Gas Control Train

  ESTIMATED PRICE: $ 17,200 USD  X Works Philadelphia
    Complete Unit with Controls and Fuel Gas Piping Train

Email or fax NAO for more information, please reference JOB W41941.

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