Text Box: Crude Oil Storage Tank was Purged
  With Natural Gas
Someone Accidentally Shutoff Purge
Tank Safety Vent Opened at Night
  When Tank Cooled & Pulled a Vacuum
Sunrise & Heat of Sun Caused the Crude/Air
 Vapors to Expand and go to the Flare
Flare Ignited Gas/Air with Flashback
Flare Tip & Header Size -- 24"
Distance from Flare Tip to Tank -- 250'
Flashback Exploded Aluminum Arrestors
  on the Top of the Tank -- Flying Shrapnel
Top of Tank Also Torn Away near Vents
Tank Badly Damaged
Luckily due to Early Morning Hour
   -- No Injuries
Also Lucky -- No Tank Fire        NAO Testing
Text Box: Example: Exxon Texas
Tank Explosion

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