NAO Inline Arrestors (ARRESTERS) Sizes from 1/8" to COMPLETE WALL (17-34" grids)  Deflagration & Detonation Designs  Applications - Nuclear submarines, auto painting, VOC control, test labs INLINE ARRESTORS

NAO inline flame arrestors come in many sizes and configurations.  They are used for VOC or vapor control of combustible streams, i.e., paint booth or paint line vapor control, hydrogen lines in nuclear submarines, fuel tanks, thermal oxidizers.  NAO inline arrestors come in sizes from 1/8" connections to a complete wall in an auto plant paint line (17 - 34" grids).  They are available in both deflagration & detonation models

Ref: IFA-1

NAO Special Flame Arrestors (ARRESTERS) are no problem -- NAO can meet your needs TEST LAB for proofing FULL SCALE MOCKUP with your full piping configuration Specials --  PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE or

Specials are no problem for NAO, we can meet
your needs & requirements -- proof testing for
full scale mockup with your full piping configuration

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NAO Dual Arrestors (ARRESTERS) are excellent where a flame arrestor is needed in a dirty service  DUAL UNITS can be isolated for maintenance without shutting down the process.  They can also be provide with bolted swing covers for quick clean out (HIGH PRESSURE WATER SPRAYER) DUAL FLAME ARRESTORS -- Dirty Service

NAO flame arrestor burners used for NCG (non-condensable gases) in the pulp & paper industry.  This unit shown is a forced draft FOUR stream waste burner -- including liquid turpentine and NCG vapors.

Ref: IFA-3


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