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                                                No Smoke & No Utilities


     1.)  Jet Mix™ -- NJM™ (NAO Jet Mix™) and NMJM™ (NAO Multi Jet Mix™)

     2.)  Hot Dog Tips™ -- NMEC™ (NAO Multi External Coanda™)

            Types of flare burners with large gas/air interface (shear area) for high
                   air entrainment to produce clean, smokeless combustion.

PASSIVE OPERATION -- passive flare -- (i.e. no air blower, no water spray,
no steam and no injection of gas) along with much reduced radiation levels
due to lower free carbon (black body radiators -- 80% of radiant heat) in the
flare flames, i.e. clearer, cleaner flames -- blue, clear, light yellow.

For flare flows requiring very high turndown (maximum to normal to minimum flows)
then a staging system and control can be used.

For flare flows and low header pressures (such as LP or Atmospheric Flares)
that require smokeless / low thermal radiation -- then air assisted flares can
be provided.  Water spray flares are also used but can lead to corrosion problems.

NAO Air Blower FLARES:

     Air Assist™ -- NFF-AA™ (NAO Fluidic Flare - Air Assist™).

     Forced Air Vortex™ -- NFAV™ (NAO Forced Air Vortex™)

Another form of NAO Air Assist Flare is the NAO Hybrid Flare™ which
 uses AIR ASSIST at low rates for smokeless and SONIC at high flows.

     Hybrid Flare™ -- NMEC-AA™ (NAO Multi External Coanda - Air Assist™)
                                   NMJM-AA™ (NAO Multi Jet Mix - Air Assist™)

Combination Flares using the sonic tip designs along with air assist have
also been used for offshore and onshore applications.

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