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NAO CB Burners - 2 CB-20 Under Final Assembly, CB-12 (12,000 Barrels of Oil per Day) Firing for Well Test -- Boom mounted to reduce heat & radiation on the offshore platform operators

NAO CB Burners -- also know as
   cleanup, production or well test burners

Standard Sizes --  (Thousand BOPD)
   0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 (No Water Needed) &
   5, 10, 12, 15, 20 (Water Assisted)

   MUD BURNERS -- Use Diesel Assist
    to handle high water waste streams

     NOTE:  BOPD = Barrels of Oil per Day
             Barrel = 42 Gallons (US)
      (This is standard for the oil industry.)

see also Portable Waste Burners -- smaller burners for onshore & plant applications

NAO CB Production Test Burner is designed to provide safe, reliable, smokeless operation.

The burner consists of three (3) crude oil burner guns positioned inside two (2) concentric & axial
combustion/air educting cones.  The cones are designed to optimize air/crude oil mixing eliminating
the need for a forced air combustion blower.  The oil guns have quick detaching gears so that they can
be easily removed from the burner and cleaned.

The oil guns have special dual stage atomization. First stage atomization is mechanical, using the pressure
of the crude oil to swirl the oil and break it in a fine firm or sheet.  Swirl design allows the oil gun to use fairly
large minimum openings (typically 1/4" or 6mm) to reduce the possibility of plugging and the need for cleaning.
Once the oil passes through the first stage atomizer, then a second stage of external compressed air atomization
(if compressed air is NOT available then NAO can offer systems using high pressure gas or even an
air blower - electric, gasoline or diesel driven) completes the breakup of the oil into a fine mist or spray ready
for combustion.  The external atomization prevents backflows, plugging and overpressuring of the air system.

The two (2) concentric cones are surrounded with water injection nozzles which spray sea water into the flame
through two (2) separate (allows better control of combustion & turndown) ring assemblies to promote clean
and efficient burning of the crude oil at very high capacities as well as reduced thermal radiation.

CB burners are supplied complete with burners, pilots, ignitors and inlet piping manifolds with flanged or hammer
union connections for easy field installation.

Typical operating details for the NAO CB-12 Unit are as follows:

NAO Standard Materials of Construction are as follows:  (Other materials also available)