Pilots "TO GO" --  putting pilots on an operating flare

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Pilots to Go -- Installing remote high energy spark ignited pilots with thermocouples to monitor operation -- installed from grade with 2 high temperature/flameproof video cameras and special remote clamping anchors  Close Up of Brand "X" flare tip, mole seal, pilots, steam lines and the damaged pilot & ignitor lines which all had to be avoided to install the NEW PILOTS

NAO has used our expertise with flare pilots and flaring (safety & thermal radiation) to
supply "pilots to go".  The ability to install pilots on an operating flare stack in the event
of a failure of the original flare pilots due to fowling/plugging or mechanical damage.

NAO also has trailer and temporary flares (up to 300' tall and 48" diameter) for more severe
flare repair.  The temporary or trailer flares can divert the plant relief gases while the plant
flare is repaired or replaced without a costly shutdown.  For more information, see plant services.

Crane with 2 high temperature flameproof video EYES for installing the flare pilots while the flare is in operation  Video monitor with recorder and switch between the cameras -- Inside a rental van located remotely from flare stack

Photo of video monitor screen -- close up from camera #2 (wide angle lens) of the pilot installation

Each pilot has its own gas supply (stainless steel 1/2" diameter flexible hose), spark ignition
(24VDC stainless steel armor braided Teflon insulated wire) and thermocouple (chromel-alumel
stainless steel armor braided Teflon insulated wire).  NAO can supply manual and automatic
ignition systems -- even solar powered when no electric power is available.

Detail of pilot -- stainless steel flexible gas hose, high temperature umbical cables for 24VDC spark and thermocouple mv signal

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