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NPI Art -- Shows details of portable ignitor -- propane bottle, gas control handle, ignition/control trigger & trigger lock -- fits through opening of approximately 3/4" -- can be equipped with hose to propane or natural gas supplyThe portable gas fired ignitor uses a small attached propane bottle (screws to the bottom of the
ignitor -- propane cylinder is approximately 3" diameter and 12" long -- not shown).  The ignitor
has  with built in spring loaded trigger for controlling gas flow and spark for ignition (piezo crystal).
When you release the trigger the gas is shut off and the ignitor flame (approximately 3" long)
extinguished.  The trigger also has a push to lock feature which will keep the ignitor burning
until the trigger is depressed and the lock released.

Ignitor tip (fits easily through a 3/4" diameter opening) has a stainless steel windshield and
special vortex spinner to stabilize the ignitor flame against crosswinds and high heater drafts.

The propane bottle is a standard bottle (approximately 3" diameter and 12" long -- typical cost
about $1 US) as found in Canadian, Mexican or US hardware/home supply stores.

NAO can also supply adapter for your local propane bottles, such as PRIMUS in UK
or camper type bottles in Germany & Asia, please give NAO details of your bottle
or connector and we will quote a suitable adapter

NAO can also supply a hose to connect to a larger propane tank and
                                                                    some other gases -- please consult NAO for details / options.

If you need to operate from natural gas or plant gas -- see NAO

Please follow NAO operating instructions and all Plant/Local/State/Federal safety & fire regulations.

Standard Duty Units are available in sizes -- 2', 3', 4'
Heavy Duty Units are available in sizes -- 3', 4', 5' and
SLIDE TYPE  5' - 8'

Need a BIGGER FLAME or MORE HEAT -- see NPI-FB (NAO Portable Ignitor - Flame Burst)

The Heavy Duty Units also have an adjustable fuel gas valve to control flame length.

NOTE:  All units are designed for STRAIGHT OPERATION, please do not bend.
NPI -- NAO Portable Ignitor Literature Click here or on the photo for literature -- FULL SIZE - 2 pages


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