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Torch oil sprayer -- used for refinery cat cracker for spraying oil -- available in wide range of configurations, materials and sizesDirect mounting through wall of vessel or process unit
with integral packing box & shutoff valve assembly) permits safe,
easy removal for inspection & cleaning ... while the process
is on-stream.      Up to 3500 gph  &  1500 psig pressure.

Removable tips with various nozzle & spray configurations

Angle, conical, hollow, swirling or flat spray....
                                              with high flow turndown.




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NAO Process Sprayers - Chemical, Oil, Quench or Scrubber Water Many Materials, Types & SizesNAO Process Sprayers - Configurations & Spray Patterns  Conical, Flat, Wide, Waste with SolidsNAO Process Sprayers - Typical Mounting  STRAIGHT, ANGLE, CORNER, DUCT or PIPENAO Process Sprayers - Testing - Particle Size, Pattern, Distribution LASER TEST Black Liquor By-Pass Clean Out

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