LIQUID BURNER - Condensate & Flashing Liquids



NAO offers a wide range of liquid flares and burners.  Depending on the nature
of the liquid waste, NAO can offer simple mechanical atomization/vaporization
burners to thermal vaporizer burners to steam/compressed air atomized burners.

Please provide NAO with full details on your liquid steam and its composition
or composition range.

Here are some examples of NAO liquid burners.  These burners can handle liquid
streams from ethane, propane, ethylene, propylene, butadiene to water/alcohol to
condensates & light crude oil.

Example -- Decommissioning radar sites in Alaska -- Environmental Clean Up

NAO made special lightweight tripods & burners for transport in a single engine
airplane (such as Cessna or Piper with floats or skis)  for duty in remote areas -- burn
water/alcohol mixtures that were used as heat tracing medium in the old defence radar
antenna system.

.Propylene liquid flare test for Amoco Pipeline Texas -- test done at night to better see the flame and atomization of the burnersPortable Liquid Ethylene Flare for Texas Pipeline -- easily transportable in the back of pickup truck or small utility trailerCrude oil burner -- Shell Oil, Mississippi

The burners can be open, installed in earthen pits to reduce visible flame/thermal radiation
or fired in the PCC (portable combustion chamber) or PEC (portable enclosed combustor) unit.

For more info on the enclosed units, please see the Pipeline Services section.

NAO offers leases, rental and sales.  NAO also offers engineering/key component packages
for local manufacturer in foreign or overseas jobs, thus saving transport and duty.

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