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NAO can provide a complete system for your project including:

Piping sections & fitting -- 800' of 24" flanged pipe in foreground with 24" fitting left and smaller piping top right



Small part of NAO Texas storage yard
800' of 24" flanged pipe in foreground
with 24" flanged fittings to top left




Small water seal drum for flashback protection and to act as flow check valve -- ASME Code



Example of NAO water seal drum

Water seals in several sizes available,
also 304SS water seals in stock.






Part of NAO flame and detonation arrestor stock for lease, rent or sale



A few examples of NAO flame arrestor in stock.

NAO can provide a both flame and detonation arrestors and testing to prove their performance.





Control panel with NEMA 4 temperature and flame safeguard control panel, gas trains for pilot and main burner control



An example of a NAO control panel and piping train in stock.

NAO can provide a full range of control systems with PLC's and remote monitoring by data bus or even internal cell phone link.  Panels have been built in stainless steel and epoxy coated for corrosive areas, such as offshore.




NAO offers leases, rental and sales.  NAO also offers engineering/key component packages for local manufacturer in foreign or overseas jobs, thus saving transport and duty.

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