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NAO temporary flares are a complete flare system that is built with flanged sections for easy transport and erection.  The stacks are supported by guy wires to grade which are tied into spiral stakes for the smaller stacks and ballast tanks or deadweight skids for the larger and taller stacks.  The stacks come in sizes from 4" by 40', 8" by 80', 12" by 120', 18" by 160', 24" by 220' and 48" by 300' -- all in stock available immediately.

80' Air Assisted Smokeless Temporary Flare for cleaning BUTADIENE product line & storage spheres for Exxon in New Jersey 80' Temporary flare at pipeline compressor station in Eastern Pennsylvania  Multi Tip Flare Burner for short, clean flame -- reduce visibility and noise -- NEIGHBOR FRIENDLY

24" by 220' Guy Supported Temporary Flare in Oklahoma -- Steam for Smokeless Operation -- Heavy Hydrocarbon Products Raising the 220' Temporary Flare with Crane -- then attaching the guy wires to the deadweights


300' Temporary Flare (36" Riser) with 42" NAO Smokeless Fluidic Flare -- Jobsite Major Oil Refinery Quebec, Canada  Lifting the 300' Temporary Flare -- NOTE: The plant flare on the right side.  Temporary flare replaced the plant flare during plant flare tip change out and repairs.  Flare Header (White Insulation to reduce condensate formation) and steam manifold to supply both the steam ring and center steam nozzles for smokeless operation.  The steam flow was automatically controlled by means of a temporary IR optical steam control.  The manual valves on the steam manifold are used to isolate the steam flows, in case the center steam needed to be shutoff due to freezing conditions (Canada winter time).


Note: For larger flare gas flow rates or low pressure drop requirements, the flare risers can be fitted with a transition to a larger diameter flare tip, such as, a 42" or 48" flare burner on the 36" riser for reduced velocities as might be required for low Btu gas streams or special process conditions.

All the stacks are designed to handle winds in access of 100 MPH.

NAO offers leases, rental and sales.  NAO also offers engineering/key component packages for local manufacturer in foreign or overseas jobs, thus saving transport and duty.

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