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Ideal for small flows of gases and liquids (see liquid burners for details of types)
-- easily portable by removing the  legs or with folding legs.  The riser sections are
flanged or hinged for folding to fit in a pickup truck or a small utility trailer.

NAO has made special lightweight tripods & burners for transport in a single engine
airplane (such as Cessna or Piper with floats or skis)  for duty in remote areas of Alaska.

Tripod flares are available from diameters of 1/4" to 4" and heights from 10' to 25' typically.
A wide range of specials can also be designed and built.

NAO offers leases, rental and sales.  NAO also offers engineering/key component packages
for local manufacturer in foreign or overseas jobs, thus saving transport and duty.

Tripod flare -- 2" by 15' tall for YARD WORK in pipeline flow/control station MAJOR EAST COAST CITY -- Industrial Area

Small 2" diameter tripod flare doing YARD WORK in a pipeline
flow/control station in a large east coast city industrial area.

Usually open flames are not a problem in industrial areas
provided the local fire companies are notified in advance.

Note: NAO can also provide enclosed flares to hide the flame
and eliminate any noise for locations near residents.  


15' Special Tripod -- dual stage for pipeline blowdown station in Texas -- blowdown gas used for both flare and pilot -- electronic spark ignition by solar power -- monitored by radio link


EXAMPLE of Special Tripod Flare

A dual stage tripod flare being test fired at
NAO Philadelphia lab before shipment.

Checking the pilot, ignitor, flare burner and solar cells.

This tripod flare was used on a remote blowdown station in Texas.

The blowdown gas was used for both the pilot (which was ignited
and controlled by solar power) and the main flare since not fuel
gas for the pilot or ignitor was available. 

The ignition used NAO's high energy spark ignitor
    (excitor from jet engine).

The blowdown station and the flare were controlled
and monitored by cellphone "radio" link.


25' Tripod Flare with KO Drum (Disentrainment Drum to Remove Liquids) -- Assist Gas Flare to Insure Complete Combustion of Flare Streams with High Inerts such as CO2, N2 or H2O


EXAMPLE of 25' Tripod Flare in Petrochem Plant

The tripod flare has a disentrainment drum at its
base for condensate, liquid & water removal.

The main flare also has a side mounted assist gas
burner to insure complete combustion for flaring cases
when there are high percentage of inerts, such as
CO2, N2 or H2O.








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