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Detonation & Flame Arrestor Safety   --
proper selection and operation of detonation / flame arrestors --- Important !
Flare Applications  --
typical applications for elevated, enclosed and portable flares
Flare Design Data  --
information needed to design flare tip, stack or enclosed flare
Flare Flow vs. Flare Tip Diameter  --
typical flare tip size for low pressure and medium pressure applications
Gas Composition Data  --
molecular weight, density, class, ignition temperature, net (lower) heating value
Stack Types / Heights & Costs  --
types of flare stacks -- typical economical height range & relative costs -- also enclosed flares
Thermal Radiation Levels  --
recommended levels for equipment & people


Under construction -- more data coming soon.

If you would like NAO to list  specific information in the future, please fill in
the Guest Book Feedback Form.  NAO will review and list if not proprietary.


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