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NAO provides service for arresters, atomizers, burners, control systems, flares, oxidizers
and sprayers worldwide from our Philadelphia and Houston offices.

Early NAO service fleet -- burner and control panel -- 1930s -- NAO has being handling combustion & service years before most of our competitors even existed ..... since 1912

Burner and combustion audits -- reduce emissions and increase overall unit efficiency   Worn or craked burners tiles can reduce overall burner efficiency and operation (turndown, flame stability, flame shape)  Upgrading burner pilots improves overall burner and heater safety

NAO produces special pilots and ignitors for steel mills with their dusty environment that can plug and fowl ordinary pilots  NAO can provide complete turnkey service or advise/audit your service crews -- training classes are available at NAO Philadelphia & Houston -- also in your plant  Flare Tip change out with Helicopter -- Saves money since no large cranes are needed -- Ideal for offshore or remote location -- NAO can also offer lifting davits for tip change out

Molestomy -- Removal of old fashion mole seal -- Eliminates internal burning, plugging and freezing associated with the mole seal and its drain line  NAO Offshore Service -- checking flare tip, thermocouples, pilots and ignitors

Updating a competitors thermal oxidizer (Competitor no longer in business)

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