NAO Optical Flare Controls
Complete Combustion     Gas Assist     Pilot Status     Smokeless (Air Blower/Steam)
NAO IR Optical Sensors -- NEMA and CENELEC Housings  Control of smokeless operation, complete combustion & pilot status / re-ignition

NAO IR (Infrared) Optical Control provides 4-20 ma signal for control of air, high pressure gas or steam for smokeless operation or assist gas for complete combustion of low energy flare gas or relay function for pilot monitoring/alarm. The IR control will assure compliance with environmental regulations. The IR unit can interface with your plant controls or can be supplied as part of a complete control system (either field or control room mounted)  & valve train skid (steam or assist gas)  by NAO.

The rugged IR sensor can be located up to 3000 feet (1000 meters) from the flare at grade for easy maintenance. The sensor has a simple optical telescope type line up sight for the flame. The IR sensor housing can be supplied in US, European and other electrical housings. The NAO IR sensor has plug-in circuit boards if maintenance is ever required. Power (110 - 220 VAC) for the IR sensor is minimal since all solid state.

Price (US) --- $15,000 and up

Proportional Control for Smokeless
Proportional Control for Assist Gas
4- 20 MA Output

Relay Function for Pilot Monitoring/Alarm

Grade Mounted

Remote -- up to 3000 Feet
(1000 Meters)

Simple - Reliable - Low Maintenance

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