NAO Thermal Radiation Monitors
Alarm        Data Logging        Control of Cooling Systems

NAO Remote Thermal Radiaton Meter -- shown being checked at NAO before shipment

NAO Thermal Radiation (Radiant Heat Flux) Monitors will provide alarm, data collection or control. The radiation monitors can be used with flow sensors to study overall flare radiation and emissivity. The monitors can also activate water spray or water curtains for operator or crew protection.

The radiation sensors can be supplied to measure total thermal radiation (flare + solar) -- SINGLE HEAD SENSOR or net (flare only) -- DOUBLE HEADED SENSOR.

NAO can supply sensors for your control system or a complete package. A full range of housings (NEMA, CENELEC, others) are available.

Price (US) --- $ 3,500 and up

Typical Drawing            Levels

Thermal Radiation Alarm,
Data Collection or Control

Total or Net Radiation Levels

Sensors or Complete Package

Engineered and Tested

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