NAO CCT Video Flare Monitors
Complete Combustion     Gas Assist     Pilot Status

NAO CCTV Systems are used for all types of flares (elevated, enclosed and pit). The television camera provides an ideal way of remotely monitoring the flare burner and other flare equipment. On elevated flares, CCTV is used for smokeless operation, monitoring the pilots and watching for cold weather freeze over of the flare or pilots. For enclosed flares, the flare burners, pilots, staging and flare piping can all be easily watched. NAO has experience with CCTV for all environments (high temperatures, high thermal radiation levels and extreme cold climates). The cameras can either be hard wired or part of a computer network (camera with built-in web server). The camera can be equipped with a wide range of lens including remotely zoomed. The camera can interface with software to do automatic monitoring and control.

Camera housings can be supplied in US, European and other electrical housings.

Price (US) --- $ 1,500 and up

Wide Range of Cameras & Lens

Cooled & Shielded for
High Temperature, Thermal Radiation

Fixed or Moveable (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

Direct Wired or Network

Software for Monitoring & Control

              Simple - Reliable -
              Low Maintenance

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