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NAO can provide rental portable flares (both elevated and enclosed) for hydrocarbon & vapor streams and rental portable thermal oxidizers for VOC and contaminated air & inert streams, such as a leak from an underground storage tank, remediation projects, gasoline leaks or spills, pipeline, or process area.

Wide range of sizes and types are available.  See NAO Rentals

8" by 80' Tall Portable Flare Trailer with Disentrainment & Water Seal DrumsVOC Wagon at Washington, DC Environment Remediation Show -- Small Portable Thermal Oxidizer on Trailer for Soil Remediation, Tank Clean Out and Leaks

NAO also offers our trailer mounted portable test furnace for demonstrating/testing process burners (natural / forced draft) for refinery/petrochemical applications with the client's actual fuel or waste (some complex fuel or waste mixtures can not be simulated in the lab -- especially if light ends or suspended solids are present) in the actual operating environment, such as higher elevation (lower atmospheric pressure) typical for many refinery locations in Mexico, South America or Western Canada.

The NAO trailer mounted portable test furnace can be used to test the destruction efficiency and emissions for waste and flare streams.  The enclosure allows easily sampling of the combustion or oxidation products to insure environmental compliance.  NAO can help you arrange independent 3rd. party certified testing.

Portable Test Unit -- Trailer Mounted Vertical Cylindrical Test Furnace for Demonstating/Testing Forced & Natural Draft Burners on Client's Actual Fuel or Waste

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