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NAO Vents Tips - Originally developed with Chevron and Exxon in the 1970 for OFFSHORE & EMERGENCY APPLICATIONS

NAO vent tips provide rapid, safe dispersion of gases and vapors from a wide range of applications;
from low pressure tank and process emergency and backup relieves to very high pressure sonic
velocity offshore/pipeline applications.

NAO can provide complete technical assistance with the vent system including flow vs pressure drop,
dispersion, ignition/thermal radiation calculation profiles, purge gas sweep and control systems.

NAO also can provide detonation/flame arresters for the vent system if there is any possibility of the
feed stream containing air or oxygen.

If ignition or burning of the vent stream is undesired (for example due to space and safety limitations
on an existing offshore platform), then NAO fire suppression systems can be added to the vent tips
with manual and fully automatic fire suppression systems providing ultra-safe venting of waste
gases to atmosphere.

NAO Vent Tips -- provide rapid, safe dispersion of gases and vapors, wide range of materials, sizes & types -- Optional electrostatic ignition prevention rings.


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NAO Vent tips have been supplied in sizes from 1/2" to 48" diameters to match standard pipe sizes.
Several metric sizes have also been produced.  Larger sizes can also be produced on application.

The materials of construction range from carbon steel flanges with stainless steel upper outlet tips to
completely stainless steel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastalloy and Monel.

Vent Tips

NAO Process Tank Vent with Anti-Static Ignition Rings, Steam Dispersion, Noise Shroud & Cold Climate Protection -- Heat Tracing & Insulation on the Process Gas Vent Stream & Steam Feed


Units are engineered, designed, built and tested as per
the customers requirements.



Fire Snuffing and  Suppression Systems
          -- Manual, Automatic (Electric & Non-Electric)


Offshore Control System -- Combination: ignitor, purge gas monitor/control, fire snuffing, thermal radiation monitor/alarmManual Dry Chemical Snuffing Panel -- 3 Bottles (RED) with Nitrogen Bottle (BLACK) for triggering -- Inside Weatherproof Panel (NEMA 4)

VENT TIP & FIRE SUPPRESSION TESTING -- Dispersion, Heat, Radiation &  Snuffing

NAO offers testing services for vent dispersion (or flare dispersion in the event of a FLAME OUT),
heat & radiation studies and flame snuffing effectiveness.  Testing can be done with a wide range of
gases and flow rates.  Even entrained liquids can be simulated in the testing.

Dry chemical testing at NAO -- 2.5 MM SCFD of propane / natural gas mixture ( MW 28 ) with NJMV Vent Tip and Manual Dry Chemical approximately 10 pounds release -- FLAME OUT less than 5 seconds     NAO has many thermal radiation sensors for monitoring flares and vents, also heat stress monitors for long term work area studies.

For more information, please call, fax or Email for typical drawings,
       technical reports, price and brochures.

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