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Training -- Improve safety and proficiency of professional firefighters with "real world" conflagration
test situations.  Meet tightening environmental regulations regarding smoke and emissions.

Fire Training Simulator -- leaking propane tank Fire Simulation Training -- Baffle Board -- Leaking Valve Fire -- Propane

Protect trainees by getting them out of trouble instantly, while also providing instructors with "better tools" to
instantly change specific test situations to challenge the skills of professional firefighters and new trainees.

Fire Simulator -- Leaking Flange Fire Simulator -- Propane Tank Leak & Fire


NAO Ignitor for Oil on Water Pool Fire -- Safety & Environmental Problems  (Smoke/Soot) -- UPDATE with PROPER FIRE SIMULATOR -- see below


PROPER Pool Fire Simulator -- Liquid Propane Fired -- Safe, Clean Burns with full control (QUICK AUTO SHUTDOWN)

Fire Training Simulator / Controls Report





   Fire Simulation Systems Report
     -- call NAO for Report RP 93-2



Display -- NAO has provided burners and ignitors for amusement parks (simulate flames, fires and even underwater
                              welding) and Olympic events, such as the Asian Games and UK Special Olympics flames.

NAO can provide portable high energy electronic, economical high voltage or  propane gas fired igntors.... for your application.

NAO also has fixed and automatic ignitors for your application, e.g., fire training -- burning car, airplane, fuel truck or ship.

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Contact Jackie Mishinski at NAO Ext. 213
for Standard & Custom Systems -- Pricing & Full Details

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Phone ......    215-743-5300 or 800-523-3495 (All USA & Canada)
Fax     .......    215-743-3020

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