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Vertical Thermal Oxidizer for VOC Control on Pipeline Pigging Operation  -- also Repairs, Troubleshooting & Parts

Unsurpassed safety plus maximum destruction removal efficiency (DRE).

NAO thermal oxidizers, fume incinerators and vapor control units offer the simplest,
most effective solutions to the problem of eliminating waste gases and liquids.

Ultra-safe, dependable operation.

Minimal maintenance.



VOC Oxidizer for Chemical Plant -- Water Seal Drum to Remove Condensate and Provide Flashback Protection -- Also flame arrester burner for further protection  Water seal has removable top and internals for quick cleanout of any waste build ups  Vertical Thermal Oxidizer for Inerted (N2) Barge Loading -- Complete unit with inline flame arrester, controls, burner, ladders/platforms, sample ports Roof Mounted Sewage Gas Digestor Oxidizer with Control Panel and Piping Train

Optional heat recovery systems with fast paybacks.

Permanent installations in loading terminals, chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper plants,
and other process industries.


Thermal oxidization provides both environmentally and cost effective way
of controlling VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Gasoline Loading Terminal Vapor Control Oxidizer with Flame Arrester Burners, Liquid Seal Drum, Vapor Booster Blower, Ladders/Platforms/Sample Ports

Results of 10 year study in 4 major Western Pennsylvania loading terminals, by
Joseph Knoll, Gulf Oil retired, shows thermal oxidization the lowest overall cost when
compared to refrigeration/compression and 2 different carbon adsorption units.

Operating Cost - Thermal Oxidization VS Refrigeration/Compression VS 2 Carbon Adsorption Units -- 10 Year Study -- 4 Gasoline Terminals WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA -- Thermal Oxidizer LOWEST OVERALL COST



per 10,000 Gallons Loaded

Thermal Oxidizer -- $ 2.37

Refrigeration / Compression -- $ 2.66

Carbon Adsorption   Unit 1 -- $ 7.16

Carbon Adsorption   Unit 2 -- $ 3.60


Knoll, J.H., Economic evaluation of VOC-control systems
from gasoline terminals, AIChE Summer National Meeting 1989.

NAO can provide reprints of the paper, please e-mail NAO with
your name, company, and mailing address -- REFERENCE the e-mail KNOLL REPRINT.

NAO also maintains the world’s largest fleet of portable thermal oxidizers
for emergency response/backup pollution solutions - All sizes - All capacities - Lease, sale, rental.

These portable oxidizers are also used for new product or pilot plant testing
without the capital expense of a permanent unit.


  1.  Major chemical manufacturer testing the best method of controlling emissions of a
    new plastic release agent.  One week VOC Wagon rental to determine the proper residence
    time and temperatures for emission destruction.  Produced data sheets for end users of release agent.
  2. Major specialty adhesive and chemical manufacturer in New England was faced with neighbor
    complaints and local township shutdown of plant.  NAO installed a VOC Wagon and worked with
    company to determine the products and flow causing the problem.  Trial burns were done for
    approximately 6 months to check the overall oxidizer effectiveness and also to learn of possible
    operational problems, such as fowling and plugging due to the adhesive nature of the waste stream.
    NAO supplied a permanent unit and the rental unit was removed without an further neighbor complaints
    or township action.  The plant was also able to take advantage of NAO rent rebate program, since they
    purchased permanent equipment from NAO.

Portable VOCWagon Rental for QUICK RESPONSE to Neighbor Odor Complaints and Local Township Shutdown of Plant

The portable oxidizers can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with longer terms
available by lease.  NAO also offers rental rebated for the purchase of a permanent unit.





Repair & Updating an "OUT of BUSINESS" competitors thermal oxidizer


Spare Parts & Upgrades -- Burners, Controls, Pilots for NAO Equipment and Other Suppliers Equipment

For more information, please call, fax or Email for typical
    drawings, technical reports, price and brochures.

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