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NAO has supplied flamefront and electronic ignitors for over 75 years and has a wide
range of applications and experiences.... from offshore subsea systems, refineries,
gas plant pit flares, steel mills and chemical plants.

Flamefront Ignition Panel with Manual Pilot Gas Control -- flamefront can travel 1 mile through 1" diameter pipeFlamefront Ignitor for Offshore -- Boom or Bridge Flare (NOT SUBSEA due to condensate build up)Remote Subsea Ignitor -- High Energy Electronic Spark -- Subsea cable carries pilot gas, 24VDC and TC mv signal from thermocouple


Much of the work involved testing, proving and improving the ignitor designs to meet
specific customer needs or problems, such as, dirt and dust built up on pilots/ignitors
for coke ovens in steel mills.  Another example is the problem with condensate in the
flamefront pipes for subsea offshore flares.

Flamefront test at NAO Philadelphia -- 1 mile equivalent length of 1" diameter pipeFlamefront Ignitor Test at NAO Philadelphia in Winter Snow -- 1 mile of 1" diameter pipe

NAO Backup Ignitor for Existing Flamefront Flare Ignition -- Simple, Reliable Backup in the Event of Equipment or Power Failure -- ELMINATES possible cause for ENVIRONMENTAL FINE $$$ Click here on image for BIGGER

Back-Up Ignitor for Existing Flamefront Panels -- EASY FIELD INSTALLATION
                                                                    without shutting down the flare.

Ignition Panel for Offshore with Thermal Radiation Monitor / Alarm



NAO offers wide range of control panels for ignition,
purge, pilot & radiation monitoring -- also vent snuffing
with CO2 or dry chemical.




Combination Control Panel -- Ignition, Purge Gas, Flare Radiation, Structure Temperatures, Staging & Vent Snuffing with CO2


Optical Infrared Pilot Monitor -- Used to control alarm or auto reignition of pilots  (Lower cost UV pilot monitor also available)


NAO offers three models: low cost short range IR,
medium range UV and long range IR (shown on LEFT).  

 Prices range from $1,500 to $15,000 USD.

Click on photo or here for more info on optical controls.

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For more information, please call, fax or Email (sales@nao.com) for typical
     drawings, technical reports, price and brochures.

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