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KISS  ---  Keep It Simple Surfer

NAO Inc. (NAO) has tried to keep this web simple and straightforward.

We do NOT use FRAMES, FLASH or fancy graphics that will slow down your surfing.

We do NOT have cookies (please note -- if you receive a cookie -- its not ours - either our hosting company or your ISP).

We have tried to keep the graphics small and meaningful with the option of clicking for a bigger graphic.

We do NOT have multi-megabit PDF files that waste your time.

Example -- Brand "X" -- 33 meg for a 2 or 4 page colorful SALES BULLETIN that says nothing.
                              As the Brits say --- "bright and cheerful"

Your comments, recommendations, suggestions & questions always appreciated.


NAO hereby authorizes you to copy documents published by NAO on the world wide web for non-commercial use only within your organization or company.  In consideration of this authorization, you and your company agree that any copy of these documents which you make shall retain all NAO copyright and other NAO proprietary notices contained on the documents.

If you wish to use NAO materials or photographs for publications, please send your written request to NAO giving full details of requested usage, your company or organization and full contact details (address, phone, fax, email).  NAO has an extensive library (thousands - 35mm & digital pictures plus 16MM movies and video) of burners, combustion, environmental, flames, flares and process materials collected over 80 years in our shop and the field.  NAO also has an extensive library on combustion, flames, pollution control, safety and flares.  NAO also has over 1500 technical papers on these subjects collected from the 1940's to today.


NAO does NOT sell or give your name to other companies.  This information is used only by NAO and our representatives in our files and to contact you as per your request.   NO Spam from NAO.

Errors / No Warranty

The use of NAO websites is at your own risk.  NAO makes no representation as to the correctness, suitability or usability of the information contained on NAO websites (, or others as developed).  All documents and information are provided without any warranty, expressed or implied.  NAO can and will change these documents over time.

NAO disclaims all warranties and/or conditions with regard to the documents and information contained hereupon NAO websites.  All expressed and implied warranties are disclaimed, including those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and/or non-infringement.

The NAO websites could contain errors in content, spelling, typing, omission along with technical and/or editorial inaccuracies.  NAO assumes no liability or responsibility for these errors.


NAO has included a feedback form for comments, questions, recommendations and suggestions by users.  NAO has also included product forms and email for client usage.  All communications and materials that are transmitted to NAO via these forms, email or otherwise (phone, fax, mail) are unsolicited by NAO and is so deemed non-confidential.  By sending this information to NAO, NAO shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to the information and you automatically assign to NAO the right, and NAO reserves the right, to use the information for any purpose whatever, including broadcast, disclosure, distribution, posting, publishing,  reproduction and training for NAO's benefit without compensation or acknowledgment of it source, without limitation.

No Liability

NAO, its affiliates, agents or any party used in the creation, producing or delivery of the NAO websites shall NOT be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access, use or inability to use the NAO websites or any errors, omissions contained herein.


NAO might include links on our websites to outside resources which will assist our clients and customers.  The inclusion of a link does NOT constitute or imply in any way endorsement by NAO of the linked website.  NAO websites are not sponsored by or receive any payments from third parties or outside vendors.  NAO will remove any link, promptly and voluntarily upon request of the linked site.  NAO has no control over these 3rd parties and therefore makes no representation as to accuracy or usability of the information.

Applicable Law

By accessing the NAO websites, the visitor agrees that the statutes and laws of the State of Pennsylvania and the United States of America, without regard to conflicts of laws and/or principles, will apply to all matters relating to the use of these websites.

NAO Standard Terms and Conditions

All sales of products and/or services are subject to NAO standard terms and conditions in their entirety without exception unless agreed to in writing and signed by an officer of NAO.  A copy of NAO Standard Terms and Conditions may be requested.

NAO Trademarks

The following are some of the NAO trademarks:

BURNERS -- Dual Stage Burner, Cylindrical Burner, Airocool, Hydrocool, Glowall, Vortumix
                              SAR, SAL, Hexad, Jet Mix, Jet Mix Vortex, Hot Dog Burner, LAP

Airoil, Nairoil,  National AirOil, NABCO

FLARES -- Fluidic Flare, Fluidic Pilot, Fluidic Seal,  Fluidic Vent, Equalator Seal, Electrostatic Rings,
                        Forced Air Vortex, Steam Dog, Vortuswirl

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