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                                                                          NAO Ignitor COMPARISON CHART
NAO Ignitor Comparison Chart NPI NPI-FB NPI-FB-BI NHEI Straight and Flexible

            NPI -- Drawing B-16954                  NPI-FB & NPI-FB-BI -- Drawings B-16906, B-17361C & C-9678 R1

                      PLEASE NOTE: NAO also offers an OPTIONAL NPI-FB -- BI Version -- BATTERY SPARK IGNITED.
                           This unit is best suited for damp / wet applications where the ignitor is used or left outdoors.
                             Please note that the all portable ignitors should be protect from direct rain or flooding.

            NHEI -- Drawing B-16180

            NHCHVI -- Drawing C-8690     NHCHEI -- Drawing C-8691
                      Special Application Only -- CONSULT NAO