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NAO High Energy Portable Spark Ignitor
--  intense electronic spark, portable, lightweight

NAO High Energy Electronic Spark Ignitor -- lights gas & oil
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Very intense, high energy spark will ignite gas & light oil burners.
Operates for forced, induced or natural draft burners, even with wet fuels.
Ignitor tip can fit through a 1/2" diameter opening for lengths to 4'.


For longer reach,
     NAO can supply a 1/2" tip with 3/4" shaft for lengths to 12'.
longer units can be made.

Built-in rechargeable batteries provide power for igniting hundreds of burners.
NAO also has a plug-in external battery pack for even longer duration.

Example of other NAO portable high energy ignitors ---     Portable high energy spark ignitor (magic wand) -- stainless steel wand typically from 3' to 12' long -- specials on application -- longer / curved

Heavy Duty High Energy Electronic Ignitor Gun with Dual Pistol Grips -- Note: Rechargeable battery shoulder pack is NOT shown see drawing above for typical.  Screw type 24VDC electrical connection on end of ignitor housing.

PHOTO - Heavy Duty High Energy Electronic Ignitor Gun -- Approximately 6' Long  Note: Second pistol grip is adjustable to suit the user.

LOW COST -- NAO High Voltage Portable Spark Ignitor
--  intense high voltage electronic spark, portable, lightweight

NOTE: Not recommended for inerted, wet gases or any pressures above atmospheric.

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