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Low NOx Oil Burner -- Primary combustion recirculation for over 50% reduction in NOx -- Ideal for all types of oils and liquid fuels






Patented design employs effective flue-gas recirculation to reduce NOx.  All design innovations are on the burner, not the furnace.  Save installation time and construction cost, since no changes in furnace floor, refractory blocks or fuel piping with most existing process burners (NAO or competitors) are required.

In response to requests from companies worldwide that need to fire oil or other liquid fuels/wastes (no natural gas available or insufficient refinery gas) and also reduce NOx, NAO has developed a family of Lo- NOx, natural draft oil-fired and combination gas/oil burners.

These new burners are very similar to NAO’s low-air Hexad™ combustion units.. . except the standard refractory-lined primary burner block has been replaced with a unique dual-wall recirculating design.

A hollow annular space, within the dual-wall burner block, allows the hot products of combustion to recirculate back into the primary combustion zone. This produces an initial substoichiometric combustion reaction where the fuel-bound nitrogen is released and forms diatomic nitrogen (N2) instead of NOx.

NAO High-Performance, Lo-NOx Energy-Miser Burners Literature Click here or on the photo for literature -- FULL SIZE - 2 pages


With NAO’s standard gas-fired Hexad™ burners (Bulletin 52F), NOx levels have always been very low - about 60 parts per million by volume, based on 15% excess air (3% oxygen). NAO also offers staged gas firing and recirculation for ultra low NOx levels.

The new dual-wall, dual-inlet burner block, designed primarily to reduce NOx levels with oil and liquid fired burners, opens new paths for recirculation of flue gases and, hence, further reduces oil or liquid fuel generated NOx formation, while maintaining overall performance. The recirculation design oil / liquid fuel burner will cut NOx levels by better than 50%.

By selecting the controlled-recirculation-path principle, NAO’s engineers have designed a Lo-NOx natural draft burner that can be used to update almost any installation, while assuring maximum heat release and efficiency with oil, gas or combination fuels. These Lo-NOx™ combustion units fire in any position, horizontal, vertical, down-fire or angled. Versatile flush, plenum and low-noise, integrated shroud designs are available.

The basic dimensions for NAO’s new Lo-NO, burners are essentially the same as the low-air Hexad oil/gas combustion units. Overall dimensions for the new Lo-NOx burner sizes 10 through 40 are the same as the dimensions listed on Data Sheets 52-1, -2 and -3. Detail drawings, with certified dimensions, can be furnished on order.

NAO can manufacture custom burners to match any existing or competitive burner.  The burners can also be built to match existing furnace or piping connections.

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