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NAO Burners shown above:
     Flat Flame Gas   Low Noise/Low NOx   Radiant Wall Tip/Flame   Well Test Burner  Low NOx Plenum Burner

Horizontal Fired Process Burner -- Combination Gas & Oil Ultra Low NOx Combination Burner -- Gas and Oil Firing

NAO GLOWALL - Radiant Wall Burner -- Modular Design - Good for Easily Matching Draft & Flows in Tall Furnaces -- BLANKING RINGS are also available for existing furnace with rough or uneven walls - quick adjustment for proper tip location - not months waiting for castings
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Low NOx Burner - Combination Gas/Oil -- Flue Gas RecirculationLow NOx Staged Fuel Burner -- Refinery / Process Gas

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Four standard low NOx burner capacity ranges ... plus Specials on APPLICATION.

Unlike our competitors, NAO supports our older burners
with parts, repairs, testing and upgrades.

An example of NAO customer support, a large chemical plant south of New Orleans
had 180 NAO Linear Gas Burners that were supplied in the 1960's.  The plant was
very happy with the burners and their operation, but the State of Louisiana was
mandating much lower NOx emissions.  The plant people contacted NAO to see
if the burners could be modified to reduce the NOx levels.  NAO set up one of the
linear burners in our test furnace and looked at modifying the burner tips for
reduced NOx.  The improved burner tips used staged combustion and were able
to reduce NOx levels over 50% and meet the State of Louisiana regulations.

The plant changed out the burner tips without a shutdown and saved over
$ 1,500,000 in the cost of new burners and furnace floor/piping modifications.

During the testing, NAO also looked at going ultra low NOx with the linear burners
and was able to achieve these levels by modifying the burner refractory block.

This research was used for burners in a steel plant in Australia.

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NAO also can repair, test and upgrade competitors burners.



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Burners: types including: horizontal, downfired, rams horn and flat flame inspirating

NAO can provide spare parts and repairs for all burners -- NAO and others.

NAO can also provide control systems and valve trains for all burners.

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      let NAO's 99 years of combustion experience help you
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