NAO Linear Gas Burners

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Linear Burners are upfired wall burners used in reformers and other similar heaters for chemical and petroleum plants.

Linear Gas Burners mounted in rows on side of reformer -- 2 Rows of Linear Burners are shown by the yellow circles -- Total of 64 burners are used -- 16 per row -- 2 rows each on the front and back

The Linear Gas Burners are used to supply radiant heat for vertical tube surfaces in process heaters.
The burners are positioned side-by-side to provide a uniform, uninterrupted line of heat along the entire furnace. 
The flames are narrow and firing directly up the furnace wall to heat the wall and provide radiant heat to the furnace tubes.

Side View of Linear Gas Burner -- Showing air door, gas piping, burner gas tips and refractory block

NAO Linear Gas Burner -- Bulletin 59Click here or on the photo for literature -- FULL SIZE - 2 pages

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