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Waste Heat / Energy Recovery -- BioEnergy
      Part of a complete Energy Technology Solution

Usually -- Low Btu (High % Inerts) such as CO2, N2, H2O
                 Low Pressure    Corrosive / Dirty & Wet Gases

Applications Limited by    1.) Distance to equipment, such as boilers
                                               NOTE: Waste gas booster blower used
                                                              for longer distances
                                      2.) Need for energy, i.e., electric, hot oil,
                                                                           refrigeration or steam
                                      3.) System cost

Typical Burners / Types -- Complete / Clean Burn Solutions
             Burners for Ag / Biogases, Digestor, Landfills, Gas Control

Natural Draft Burner for Furnace, Heater or Oxidizer - Single Dual Triple Fuel Waste Burners - Refactory for Better Combustion

Forced Draft Burner for Boiler or Process Applications - Standard & Custom Units for Gas, Liquid & Vapor Streams

Low & Extremely Low Energy Burners -- LOW BTU GASES with HIGH INERTS, such as CO2, N2 or Water Vapor

Contact NAO for details, prices, sizes & types.

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