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Inline Flame Arrester Cutaway -- shows housing, grid and end connections

Unfortunately, thousands of flame and detonation arrestors have been, and
continue to be, misapplied.

Don’t risk fires and potentially catastrophic explosions.

Specify flame/detonation arrestors, water seals, disentrainment drums and other inline
and end-of-line arrestors that have been designed, manufactured, and properly tested
(for acceptance and applicability of each basic configuration by the U.S. Coast Guard,
Underwriters Laboratories, the American Petroleum Institute and other worldwide regulatory agencies

.Stainless Steel Inline Flame Arrester -- Other materials also available such as hastalloy, monel, inconelDual inline flame arresters with isolation valves for cleaning out one grid while the other is operating -- ideal for dirty gases or vapors


Flanged InlineArresters -- Small DiametersSmall Inline Arrester with Stainless Steel Tubing Connections -- Grid body threaded for removal & cleaning


Vent Arresters (End of Line & Tank Vents) with Rainhoods -- Also available with flame monitoring and fire snuffing (CO2, dry chemical, steam or water)


Water seal drum -- liquid type flame arrester -- very effective for large flows and dirty streams  IMPORTANT to have level controls and low level alarm for water


Combination Disentrainment and Dual Water Seal Drum -- Mounted in base of elevated flare to control both elevated flare (emergency 2nd stage) and enclosed zero flare (1st stage)

Insist on ISO-9001 quality certification for design, manufacture, test and installation.

Specify NAO flame/detonation arrestors.

We manufacture all types and all sizes, including deflecting baffle detonation breakers.

At our 110-acre Environmental Research and Service Center, we can conduct full-scale
tests that will replicate your actual plant configurations and duplicate your flammable
gas/ vapor conditions.  ARRESTER TESTING

For more information, please call, fax or Email for typical
    drawings, technical reports, price and brochures.

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