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NAO does extensive testing on all of our arrestors and also contract testing
for other arrestor & fire snuffing vendors and clients with special requirements.

In our testing area in Philadelphia, we test smaller units due to space and neighborhood
restrictions (noise and shockwave), but at our 150-acre Environmental Research and
Service Center in Plantersville, Texas (40 miles - 65 km northwest of Houston), we can
conduct large full-scale tests that will replicate your actual plant configurations (*see below)
and duplicate your full range of flammable gas/ vapor conditions.

Examples of NAO Philadelphia Testing

Hydrogen / Oxygen Detonation Arrester Water Seal Test -- Full Scale for Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant (Middletown, PA)


Diagram of Test Setup -- Simulating Thermal Oxidizer acting as ignition source     Actual Test Simulator for Ignition inside Thermal Oxidizer -- Inline Flame Arrester


Butadiene Test for piping network -- full scale to match piping in plant


Detonation testing -- 2" & 4" sizes in NAO Philadelphia -- monitoring flame speeds and pressures    


Examples of NAO Texas Testing

   Long detonation arrester test -- 8" by 800' at NAO Texas


Testing for Replacement of Defective Equipment

See the 3 photos and piping arrangement drawing below for an example of FULL

Hydrogen test for major drug company in Western Pennsylvania after their Brand "X"
thermal oxidizer flame arrestor burners and their Brand "X" detonation water seal drum failed.

The client told NAO;  "the suppliers engineers were very surprised with the failures,  they
though the burners and the drum would work"

After the problem, the supplier did not or could not help.

The client requested NAO to supply replacement units.  Even with NAO experience with
hydrogen/oxygen for Three Mile Island nuclear plant, we wanted to be positive since the
TMI (Three Mile Island) unit was only 3" gas pipe VS 12" piping for the drug company
-- 16 times SCALE FACTOR -- thus we did FULL SCALE detonation testing.


Detonation Arrester Water Seal Test -- Hydrogen / Air Mixture -- Seal Drum 6' Diameter by 18' Long ASME CODE

Piping Arrangement for Hydrogen / Air Liquid Seal Detonation Arrestor -- NAO Texas Full Scale Testing


Another example of NAO Texas testing --- Exxon crude tank


*Actual Plant Piping Configurations

Small part of NAO piping and fittings for setting up actual plant test configurationsNAO has available a large inventory of flanged piping, high pressure
flexible stainless steel hose and flanged fittings to setup your piping
configuration -- see drawing above of piping arrangement for
hydrogen liquid seal testing

NAO has pipe flanged sections from 2" to 36" diameters with spool
lengths from 5' to 40' to make piping system to over 4000'
(nearly 1220 meters).

NAO also has flanged elbows, Y's, T's and manifolds to connect and simulate your piping layout. 

These pipes, hoses & fittings are all PART OF NAO RENTAL FLARE & OXIDIZER FLEET.

Contact Jackie Mishinski at NAO Ext. 213  for Pricing & Full Details

Email  ......

Phone ......    215-743-5300 or 800-523-3495 (All USA & Canada)
Fax     .......    215-743-3020

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