NAO End of Line Flame Vent Arrestor (ARRESTER) shown with Rainhoods  Available in many sizes & materials with rainhoods, heat tracing for cold climated & monitors for pressure/temperature/flame End of Line - Vent Arrestor

NAO end of line vent flame arrestor are available in many materials and sizes.
They can include rainhoods, heat tracing for cold & freezing climates, monitors (pressure/temperature/flame)

Ref: VFA-1

NAO Vent Arrestor for Oil & Gas Exploration/Production -- Fusible Plug  PNEUMATIC (NON-ELECTRIC) SYSTEM for flame monitoring & vent gas shutdown  This unit is in warm climate does not need rainhood to protect from ice & snow Vent Arrestor for Oil & Gas

NAO makes a wide range of arrestors for all applications.  Monitoring systems either electric, solar powered or mechanical (pneumatic or bimetallic) can shutdown the gas flow, activate CO2 or dry chemical (caution - if condensate or wet vent gas - DRY POWDER can PLUG)

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NAO LP Vent Arrestor for Field Flare -- Used in Oil & Gas Production, Pipelines and Gas Plants for LP Tank Vents and Vapors from Heater Treaters Low Pressure Tank Vapors to
            Flare Vent Arrestor

NAO vent flame arrestor are used for flares in oil & gas production, pipelines and gas plants.  Small side flares can eliminate LP vapors from tanks and heater treater vents & breathers.  Flammable gas/air mixtures are NO problem since designed for that service with top mounted VENT ARRESTOR & backup INLINE ARRESTOR.

Ref: VFA-3


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