Dual Ignition "Z" Type (Angle) with Thermocouple in Well

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High Performance Flare Pilot with Dual Ignition (Flamefront & High Energy Spark) -- Z Type -- mounts on all existing flares by various suppliers.  Thermocouple well extended to grade for inspection and maintenance of thermocouple while flare is in operation

NAO flares pilots have continuously advanced over 70 years of field
experience.  The original design came from NAO inspirating gas burner
technology -- tested in the oil fields, refineries & petrochemical plants
of Texas before WWII (World War 2).

NAO continued improving our pilot design, i.e., in the late 1970's with a few
simple advancements to our pilot windshield, we tested and proved our
pilots rain and windproof for windspeeds of 250 MPH (400 Km/Hr).

Later work in steel plants (blast furnaces) and especially the coke ovens
with their extremely dusty, dirty, sticky tar environment lead to further
features to prevent "fallout" from fouling or plugging the pilot piping
and venturi.  These new features added for the steel mills proved such
an improvement that they were added to all flare pilots.

One example of NAO flare pilot performance was at a major refinery in
Mexico, the plant had replaced their old "Brand X" flare tip with a new
NAO high performance smokeless flare tip with dual ignition pilots.
When they started the ignition control panel for the first time, all three
(3) pilots light up and were proven by thermocouples green lights in
about 10 seconds.

The operators could NOT BELIEVE this speed, since the old "Brand X"
flamefront ignitor took them several hours of adjusting the gas/air and
3 ways valves to light the three pilots.  Since the plant was still shutdown
for plant maintenance, one operator climbed to the top of the 225' tall derrick
and confirmed that all the pilots were burning.  The plant has now added the
dual ignition requirement to their flare specifications as a standard.

NAO flare  pilots are available in standard sizes and lengths of 1 1/4"
and 3" HIGH CAPACITY or EXTENDED LENGTH PILOT with the venturi
at distances of 400'.    Click for 1 page PDF NAO flare pilot info sheet.


Self-Lowering Pilots

Self-Lowering Flare Pilots - For Critical Applications in Wet, Toxic, Corrosive Atmospheres


NAO developed & patented self-lowering flare pilots in the 1980's.
This pilot arrangement is used for severe duty applications such as
toxic gases and wet corrosive atmospheres, e.g., wet gases with high H2S content.

Need more information on NAO pilots, please fill it our request form.

NAO can supply the pilots in a wide range of materials (stainless steel, Incoloy,
nconel, Hastalloy).  NAO also offers PMI (positive material identification) inspection of alloys.

NAO can provide complete pilot service, parts and testing (wind, rain, inerts)
for all pilots ( NAO and others ).      Click for pilot parts drawings.
                   Click for pilot testing.           Click for pilot inspection drawing.

NAO can fax (please fill in the pilot request form) you a priced full size drawing
   for your pilot or ignitor.

We have labs in Philadelphia and Houston for testing pilot/ignitor operation including
special configurations, gas compositions, inert environments and simulated winds / rains.

NAO has remotely installed pilots on an operating flare system, see PILOTS TO GO.

Contact Jackie Mishinski at NAO Ext. 213  for Pricing & Full Details

Contact Will Sinnott  Ext. 152 or John Anderson Ext. 153
     for Service and Operations Questions on ALL FLARE PILOTS

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