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NAO Micro Flare -- Small capacity enclosed flare for hydrocarbons and VOC's from 1/4" tubing to 1" pipe --- pilot plant testing, research, bottling plants and small remediation sites


NAO Micro flares (Enclosed Oxidizer Type) are designed
for small flowrates in the range of 1/4" tubing to 1" pipe.

The Micro flares with their enclosed refractory lined
combustion chamber are used to destroy hydrocarbons
& VOC's from pilot plant testing, research, gas bottling
plants, pipeline maintenance/blowdown & small
remediation sites.

They can handle a wide range of gas compositions,
especially low Btu inerted streams (high percentage
of N2, CO2 or H2O, i.e., nitrogen, carbon dioxide or
water vapor).

If air is present or can even be present, NAO has flame
arrestor burner heads to prevent flame entry & flashback.

However, these microflares should not be used for any
toxic gases, such as H2S, due to their low heights
(typically 10' - 15') and thus reduced dispersion.

If H2S or other toxic gases are to be burned, then the
microflare burner should be mounted on an elevated
stack structure for proper & safe dispersion.

NAO can supply self-supporting, guy wire supported
& derrick stacks.  NAO has supplied many small
diameter (2" - 3" diameter) guy wire supported
stack (200' tall) in West Texas gas fields and overseas.

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