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Portable trailer flare for pipeline service in Northeast USA -- Near residential area

Protecting the public by cleaning, maintaining and
replacing natural gas & product pipelines, NAO provides
the pipeline companies and their service contractors with
safe environmentally friendly methods of gas & product control.

In many parts of the USA and Canada, pipelines that were
originally constructed along rural rights-of-ways, are now
dangerously close to more populated areas as these areas
expanded with population & growth.

Texas Eastern Pipeline Maintenance 1987 -- Eastern Pennsylvania 

Example:  Texas Eastern -- Upgrading & Maintenance -- Late 1980's
One neighbor built their in ground swimming pool less that 10' from
the pipeline -- not the right-of-way but the centerline of the pipeline.
Had the pipeline been hit during construction of the swimming pool,
a major accident could have occurred.

The consequences of a gas pipeline explosion that caused the tragic deaths of 11 campers in New Mexico
would have been even more catastrophic if the explosion occurred in a populated section of a city, town
or village in the Northeastern USA, California, Texas, Alberta or Ontario, where houses have been erected
close to the pipeline.

NAO has worked with major pipelines and product companies through the USA and Canada for nearly 20 years
with a wide range of safety and environmental products to control gases, odors and liquids from their pipelines,
pig catchers, pumping/compressor stations and storage terminals.

NAO products and services include:     (Click on any photo for more information)

Tripod flares for small gas flow rates -- easily portable -- range of sizes and heights -- also specials - solar powered, auto control & radio or cellphone monitoring    small portable tripod flares for low flow rates,

Mini trailers -- ideal for remote locations along small narrow dirt or gravel roadsmini flare trailers for gas and liquid streams,

Portable trailers -- large capacity with three (3) models to selectportable flares with disentrainment & seal drums,

Temporary flares - very large capacity with units from 4" diameter to 36" diameter and 300' tallportable temporary flare stacks -- 2" diameter by 25' tall to 48" by 300',

Liquid burners for wide range of liquid streams -- ethane, propane, ethylene, propylene to crude oil and even alcohol/water wastesmokeless liquid burners -- for wide range of liquids,

Enclosed flares provide no visible flame, no smoke, no noise, no lightenclosed, invisible trailer & skid mounted flares,

Oxidizers provide the best combustion control for difficult to burn waste streams, such as, inert, toxic (natural gas odorizer - methyl mercaptan) or air containingportable thermal oxidizers,

Portable Enclosed Combustor -- combustion chamber for large scale testing and emissions controlportable combustion chamber for gas and liquid,


support equipment    Support equipment -- piping (2" through 24"), SS high pressure flex hoses, fittings, controls, staging valves, flame & detonation arrestors, drums, flexible hoses

plus 92 years of combustion, environmental and safety experience.


NAO technical literature and specifications include:

(Click on bulletin or spec sheet for more info.)

Bulletin_PSG-1 -- NAO Pollution Solutions to Go -- skids, temporary and trailer mounted burners, combustors, flares, oxidizers Bulletin NTF-1.1 -- NAO Trailer Flares -- shows range of flares, sizes and applications Bulletin NTF-2.1 -- NAO Temporary Flares -- shows range of flares, sizes and applications


Spec Sheet FTS-M1 -- Mark I trailer flare spec -- applicatons, size, weight, support equipments Spec Sheet FTS-M2 -- Mark II trailer flare spec -- applicatons, size, weight, support equipments


Some technical articles highlighting NAO pipeline work include:

 (Click on article for more info.)

Northeast Oil World -- Information on use of Portable Trailer Flares for pipeline maintenance and remediation RP-92-9 Portable Trailer Flares - Simplify Pipeline Repair RP-92-9S Spanish Edition -- Portable Trailer Flares - Simplify Pipeline Repair

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