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NAO designed these mini trailer flares for remote areas with minimal roads (small/narrow dirt or gravel).  First designed for the gas fields of Venezuela with a combination liquid knock out drum and water seal for flashback protection for high pressure production pipeline service (150 PSIG on flare).  Typical sizes are from 2" to 6" diameter and 20' to 40' tall.


CAD Drawing of Mini Trailer Flare -- Shows combination (150PSIG ASME) drum for liquid disentrainment and flashback protection


The mini trailer flare is fully self contained and can be set up by one person easily by means of hand operated leveling jacks and a manual dual safety winch (just in case of poor cable maintenance and a cable breaking -- have a backup).

The flare is equipped with battery operated automatic pilot & ignitor system which is inside a heavy lockable NEMA 4 (weatherproof) box for unattended operation in remote backcountry or jungle type areas.

The pilot operates from a small propane bottle and is also locked inside a protective housing for unattended operation.

Hitch, jacks and winch are all lockage to protect from someone removing or stealing the flare.

The flare control can also be equipped (OPTIONAL) with cell phone (please specificy system -- US, GSM, etc.) for remote operation and monitoring.

Many types of flare burners can be supplied for different duties.  The trailer flare can also be fitted with staged flare burners for a wider operating range.

NOTE: The mini trailer flare is also available without a drum and in special configurations
              with balloon tires and high clearance trailers for rough terrain.


  Mini Trailer Flare at NAO Texas -- Shows combination (150PSIG ASME) drum for liquid disentrainment and flashback protection


NAO offers leases, rental and sales.

NAO also offers engineering/key component packages for local manufacturer in foreign or overseas jobs, thus saving transport and duty.

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