VALVES -- Regulating & Control

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Burner Manual Control Valves

All types, all sizes of manual indicating valves for steam, oil, gas and wastes NAO Manual Regulating Valve -- Linear Control  

 Manual Oil Regulating Valve for Process Burner

NOTE: This valve has triangular port for linear flow control of oil.

NAO can also provide ball, globe and needle valves to meet your requirements.

Valve Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel & high alloys, such as, Hastelloy, Inconel, & Monel

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Automatic Control Skids, Trains & Valves

Automatic Control Skid -- Piping Trains for Gas, Liquid and Waste Vapor (NCG - Non Condensible Gas from Pulp & Paper Mill -- ODOR & SULFUR PROBLEM)Automatic Control Trains for Gas, Liquid and Waste Vapor

NAO control systems can be built, certified and tested to CSA, FM, FIC,
UL and other Canadian, International, US standards as needed.

NAO has full panel shop and testing area to check full operation of panels
before shipment.

NAO supplies a complete proven system --- 

NOT JUST LOOSE PARTS like many of our competitors --  Brands "A" & "X"

NAO is a UL certified control shop and has done work to Australian, British, Canadian, European, Russian
and US standards -- electrical and piping.  We can also provide full instructions and documentation in all
languages -- Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and others.

Contact Jackie Mishinski at NAO  Ext. 213
for Pricing & Full Details on  NAO VALVES & CONTROL SKIDS

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Phone ......    215-743-5300 or 800-523-3495 (All USA & Canada)
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