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NAO has a wide range of thermal oxidizers to handle streams that are highly inert (nitrogen or carbon dioxide used as a sweep gas for pipeline maintenance), toxic (odorant for natural gas pipeline service -- methyl mercaptan) or contain air mixed in with the gas.

The oxidizers come in sizes from small (8" to 12" diameter) pole mounted units to large 9' diameter by 40' skid mounted units that are transported horizontal for highway clearance.


Oxidizer Skid at NAO Texas -- complete check out before shipment to check burner, controls, pilots and operationSkid mounted oxidizer in chemical plant in Houston area with water seal drum and NEMA 4 automatic control panelOxidizer wagon for soil remediation, tank venting, odor control -- shown folded down for transport


NAO offers leases, rental and sales.  NAO also offers engineering/key component packages for local manufacturer in foreign or overseas jobs, thus saving transport and duty.  As part of the engineering/key component package, NAO includes QA/QC inspections visits to your local fabricator and final a technician visit for check out/startup.

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